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 Create Your Expert Signature System® & Turn it Into High End Coaching Offers & Courses

Learn our 5 Step Process for Turning Your G.I.F.T.S Into Fruitful Business Services 

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This 5 Day workshop is for Ambitious & Motivated Female Entrepreneurs

and Coaches who are ready to scale

their business with an Expert Signature System®® 

Get ready to join us Mon 23rd Aug - Fri 27th Aug 2021



Are you ready to take that "thing you do" and transform it into an exciting Expert Signature System® that is easy to market and enrol new clients into?


Then you will want to.....



In This Value Packed 5 Day Workshop You'll Learn:

How to turn your gifts, talents and expertise, including the magic that makes YOU unique - into an exciting Expert Signature System® that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.



Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients with an Expert Signature System® that you become known for, attracting new clients quickly easily and with less marketing.



Day 1: Generate Ideas

A signature system® is based on your own expertise and the solution you devised for a challenge you faced.  On Day 1 we will analyse how you currently achieve success in one aspect of your business.


Day 3: Find Your People

Your ideal target customers are the people who will be the best fit for your expert signature system, because they will be able to fully benefit from implementing it. 


Day 2: Include Your Unique Recipe

On day 2 you will dig deeper and refine your process into an easy-to-follow, unique, step-by-step system that you can clearly explain, so that people can follow it and get the results they want.

Day 4: Title For Impact 

Having a great system is one thing, but it needs to be marketed in a way that attracts buyers. On day 4 you'll be creating a benefits-oriented, memorable title that communicates the value of your system.

Day 5: Serve Package And Sell It

On day 5, you will be given ideas on how to package up your system so that people can easily learn how to implement it and get the best results possible.


Bonus Sessions: 

Hear from others who have created their expert signature systems and are now signing on clients and creating multiple income streams from this core valuable asset. Get access to the exclusive bonus masterclass for those who are registered. 

Bonus Training: 

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You will also be inspired when you hear from our current and past clients when they share their successes with having created their own expert signature systems. 




What Our Clients are Saying...


Before coaching with Netty, I felt like my whole head had turned into cement.  I had many ideas and couldn’t put them into order, I felt very stuck and felt like I needed more guidance someone who could point me in the correct direction and also help me reduce the overwhelm.

Coaching with Netty I got that one to one curated service and the talking through the process has been invaluable.  

The first exercise in the Expert Signature System® was visualising the client at the end of working with me and how happy they were  as a result was brilliant.


It’s been really helpful, it’s made me feel more encouraged to keep going to know there is support with creating my business and the foundation is right with the Expert Signature System ®.

Simone Newton 

Transformational  Coach 

I was confused with the steps to take in creating my Expert Signature System®, I found Netty’s coaching really helpful and now I have it! The Arise and Stand Up Formula™. I loved the help Netty gave me, I had the option to choose lots of coaches but what I loved about Netty was her ability to coach me through the steps, her genuine patience and supportive style.


I got the answers to what I was looking for and what stood out most was her commitment to making sure I got the results I was looking for and that was the confirmation for me to invest in her offer of coaching me.

Wellness Coach 

Rebeccah Steele

From the first time I was introduced to Netty we connected. Not only has Netty played an integral role in the development of my new business, she has also coached me for public speaking and assisted me in crafting my talk, by giving me lots of practical tips and insight on how to best connect with my audience as well teaching me to create my Expert Signature System® and showed me how to package my offer of my service.


Additionally, I received great tips on how to write my discovery session outline, as a new coach myself, I found her mentorship invaluable. In my opinion, no task is too great for Netty and I would recommended her in a heartbeat.


Empowerment Coach 

Marcia Mcleod

Launch and Leverage your Business with an

Expert Signature System®


Meet Your Presenter

Your Presenter:  Netty Bryan


Netty is an author, faith and money breakthrough certified business coach, professional speaker and speaker coach and trainer.  She is the Founder of Power Up Coaching Academy  and the creator of The Dream Business Launchpad™  

Netty focuses her attention and passions towards training, equipping, edifying and releasing  women entrepreneurs into the marketplace by assisting them to launch and leverage their dream businesses, increase their money mindset and  raise their faith to see things that are impossible through coaching , courses and training programs.   

One thing Netty loves is assisting her clients to create their own Expert Signature Systems, enabling them to have a profitable premium product that is the core of their business which they can create high end packages that sells themselves and that they can enrol their new clients into at multiples levels with grace and ease.  

It's Time to....


Position yourself as a valued expert in the eyes of your ideal clients with an Expert Signature System® that you become known for, attracting new clients quickly easily and with less marketing.



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